Lowcountry Zoo

Brookgreen Gardens is best known for its Fighting Stallions sculpture at the entrance, hundreds of acres of gorgeous sculpture gardens, and numerous popular events. The gardens are also renowned for their conservation and preservation work.

The Lowcountry Zoo at Brookgreen Gardens features native animals that inhabit the woods, swamps, and waters of South Carolina. It is one of five institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in South Carolina. Click for more.


Located at Brookgreen Gardens, the Lowcountry Zoo is one of five institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in South Carolina. The zoo houses native animals that have been bred and raised in captivity or who sustain major disabilities due to injury that prevent them from living in the wild.

The zoo also preserves historic rare breeds of farm animals such as Dominique chickens, Marsh Tacky horses, Red Devon cattle, and Tunis sheep that were brought to the state in the 1700s. Visitors can also view wild animals such as alligators, otters, and river sturgeon.

In addition to the animal exhibits, this attraction offers a variety of classes, programs, and activities, such as Zookeeper for a Day where kids age 12 and up assist zoo staff with their daily duties. It’s an ideal place to take a family vacation that includes animal lovers, and it’s just a short drive from Seaside Vacations!


This zoo is not your traditional zoo. It specializes in local wildlife that live in compounds that mimic their natural habitats. This makes it more fun and interesting for kids, especially younger ones. The bird aviary and otter exhibits will capture their imaginations and give them an experience they will remember.

The Lowcountry Zoo is part of Brookgreen Gardens, an iconic Grand Strand destination with one of the largest collections of American figurative sculptures in the country and trails through several ecosystems in nature reserves on the 9,100-acre property that once comprised four historic South Carolina rice plantations.

Groups of 20 or more must pre-register to receive group discounts. Members of the Greenville Zoo and other reciprocal zoos pay at the zoo ticket booth on the day of their visit. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.


The Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet is lined with restaurants serving a wide variety of seafood dishes. There is also a large selection of shopping and attractions. One popular shop is The Lazy Gator, which sells humorous tourist gifts and souvenirs.

Fishing is a huge pastime in Murrells Inlet. You can find many charter companies that offer inshore and offshore fishing trips. These trips do not come with time limits, so you can fish as long as you like.

The fall favorite Brew at the Zoo is returning to Brookgreen Gardens this year. This event is open to guests 21 and over, and proceeds will benefit the zoo’s capital campaign. You will be able to sample beer from local vendors and enjoy music from the Paul Grimshaw Band.


A bustling coastal town that offers the perfect balance of nature and modern convenience, Murrells Inlet SC is home to renowned destinations like Brookgreen Gardens. Voted one of the top 10 gardens in the country, this sprawling outdoor attraction is a must-see for travelers of all types.

Stroll through the nine-thousand-acre property and take in the natural beauty of native flora and fauna. Guests can also see the world’s largest collection of outdoor figurative sculptures by American artists. Guests can also learn about the history of rice plantations and Gullah culture on the property’s historic trails.

The park is currently working to establish a new four-acre red wolf habitat, which will help preserve and revitalize the endangered species in South Carolina and beyond. The wolf habitat is expected to open in spring 2023.


The mild temperatures of a South Carolina winter offer the perfect conditions for a variety of outdoor adventures. Take a stroll along the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk, bird watch, or try your hand at surf fishing. Explore the botanical gardens, wander past masterful sculptures, and meet native wildlife at Brookgreen’s Lowcountry Zoo during your Myrtle Beach winter getaway.

Guests will be wowed by the Lowcountry Zoo’s charming collection of native animals. The zoo is home to a multitude of animals that have either been born and raised in captivity or are too ill or injured to survive in the wild.

The gardens recently added a 4-acre red wolf habitat to educate the public and save the endangered species. The zoo is also home to Marsh Tacky Horses, mules, and Tunis Sheep, which are descendants of animals that lived on historic Southern plantations. Up next is Caledonia Golf & Fish Club.



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