Jurassic Mini Golf and Dinosaur Mini Golf 

You may have vanquished water hazards and traversed sand traps on golf courses, but what about lining up a putt while dinosaurs roar? These fun deviations from a typically serious game of golf can be enjoyed by all ages at a variety of Myrtle Beach mini-golf venues.

The horned ceratopsian, the spitting dilophosaurus, and the carnivorous T-Rex inhabit these two 18-hole courses along with streams, waterfalls, and mountainous terrain. Kids will love this prehistoric adventure! More by clicking here.


If you’re looking for dinosaurs and kitsch, this place is the ticket. In addition to the typical mini golf themes of pirates, shipwrecks, and Hawaiian villages, there are two 18-hole courses with a prehistoric theme, complete with animatronic dinosaurs that roar and move around the course.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy putting their way through these two courses, which are surrounded by waterfalls and mountainous terrain. The Ice Age course is filled with water and fog, while the Predator course is a challenge for any golfer.

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure and Dinosaur Adventure Golf is a great choice for families with kids. This facility features two 18-hole expedition-themed courses, including a jungle and land before time, as well as an 85-foot mining train. Each course provides a variety of exciting challenges for every skill level and creates lasting family memories.


The wildly themed golf courses of the Grand Strand are a lot of fun, even for putt-putt purists. Whether you choose a jungle safari or a Hawaiian village, you’ll find water flowing in exotic places like waterfalls, volcanoes, and caves. There are also pirate ships, mermaids, dinosaurs, and more.

At Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf in North Myrtle Beach, a giant waterfall flows around a pirate ship that wrecked on top of the golf course’s reef. The pirate ship was carrying treasure, and you’ll be on the hunt to get it. This outdoor 18-hole golf course includes a 50-foot volcano that erupts with fire every 30 minutes and makes a great photo opportunity for the scrapbook.

Kids will love Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf, where two 18-hole courses take them into Peter Pan’s Neverland. They’ll see Peter, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and of course Captain Hook. This is one of the only Myrtle Beach mini-golf courses that follows a story with every hole. Visit another area in town here.


Jurassic Mini Golf is a pair of 18-hole miniature golf courses that are both filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The courses are themed with mountainous terrain and waterfalls, making the attraction a fun place for the whole family to play during their vacation at Ocean Blue Myrtle Beach. The dinosaurs are animated and life-sized, adding to the excitement of the experience.

The Predator course is set in a rainforest, while the Ice Age course features fog that makes it difficult to get a clear shot. This is one of the older mini golf courses in the area, and some of the animatronics may not work as well as others.

Many of the other Myrtle Beach mini golf courses feature exciting and interactive themes that appeal to both kids and adults. Some even offer pirate themes, shipwrecks, and other thrilling storylines. Some locations also have go-karts, batting cages, and other activities, making them the perfect destination for groups and families.


Located in the popular shopping and entertainment center known as Broadway at the Beach, Dino Park offers guests two 18-hole mini golf courses and a chance to interact with life-sized dinosaurs. Each course is unique and provides a different experience. For example, the Ice Age course features streams and waterfalls while Predator challenges players to overcome mountainous terrain. The park is also family-friendly and stroller/wheelchair accessible.

In a town that boasts an impressive array of themed miniature golf courses, this North Myrtle Beach destination stands out for its imaginative theming. It tells the story of a fictional island that broke off from the continent of Atlantis.

It is populated with a variety of prehistoric creatures, including giant dinosaurs, and is full of tropical trees and flowers. The course is well maintained and the staff is friendly. The parking lot is large and well-marked with signs that indicate which spaces are reserved for mini-golf players. Definitely worth checking out!



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